Saturday, 11 October 2008

Wow They say things come in 3's ... 4's ... 5's ???

Apologies to all ........... Yes things do come in threes but over the last four weeks everything and anything has happened.

Blogs aren't really the place for me to blab on but in short ...
I've been quite poorly.
2 marriage break-ups within our close family ( not my marriage I might add ! )
Daughter in a car accident.
Roof on house in France had severe leak and damaged part of an interior
Full in depth fire inspection at the shop due 23rd Oct ( so all those little
things that we need to get sorted must be done ! )
Need I mention the economy aswell ?
I'm sure there's more as it certainly feels like there has been !

Thank goodness I can escape a bit from reality with some good ole crafting !
My BIG project with the Unicorns is still underway but had to be put on hold whilst dealing with the above - my poor husband seems to think I'm getting carried away with it ! Watch this space.

Anyhow here's a couple of other cards I did a few weeks ago with the Unicorn stamps.

The "Dream It Do It" is embossed on vellum with the Holographic embossing powder which gives a great iridescent colour. The outer edges of the main picture have been edged with some gold mica - but alas this doesn't photograph too well. I've tried tilting the card in the pic below to try and show it more clearly.

The next Unicorn was done using a piece of gloss photographic paper 6" x 4" and memento dye inks for the background.

Then using Brilliance black and also Ancient page black the tress, Unicorn and foliage were stamped.

The picture panel has been mounted on a black card and then has an upper frame which stands proud of the picture panel.

The card isn't finished as there will be an outer acetate jacket ( shown below the in-progress picture ) which hopefully when it's completed will be like an enchanted forest, when you open the panels - go through the trees - it will then reveal the picture above. I've still to finish the foliage and do some glittering on the back of the acetate.

The picture below was made on a off-cream card stock and apart from the stamped Unicorn and tree skeletons was painted with just plain black ink - again this is in progress as it was my starting block for the ideas above.


Phree said...

Beautiful! I hope when you finish that Acetate Jacket, you will be able to show us some pics, but I suspect it's going to be one of those devilishly subjects to photograph well.

craftimamma said...

What a time you've had of it Deby. I hope things are settling down a bit now.

I see you haven't wasted a minute though, have you? These are truly wonderful. Only one overused expletive will do - WOW!!!!

Lesley XX

veronica said...

love your unicorns - the acetate one is going to be simply lovely