Saturday, 11 October 2008

Monotone .....

I was commissioned to make a card for a lady whom I was recommended to her . She had searched everywhere for what she had in mind but couldn't find what she wanted. ( I'm sure we've all been there before ) All she gave me was it must be black and white, ornate and a verse for her mother.

Now Black and white is not always as easy as it seems - blacks do vary in colour so choose a black inkpad and stay with it through out the project ! My choice was a Versafine Black Onyx.

This is what I made : A 9" x 9" gate fold card.

No those aren't backing papers - both panels have been 100% stamped, the left with black on white hammered card and the right panel with white on black hammered card, each matted on to some satin silver card then matted on to the main card.

Eyelets C/o crocodile with an organza black ribbon. The Lady is from the "Graceful Ladies"
themeplate which is the framed over with a matted picture panel stamp with diamante gems -but they don't photograph too well. ( My new circle cutter really came in handy there for that aperture! ). The happy birthday is several layers matted up ranging between black, silver, white and the topper. The Happy birthday stamp is from Serendipity and one of my all time favourites.

Below: After opening the card there is a vellum overlay over the main insert, this has been embossed with the "Holographic Embossing" powder ( I've tilted the card to the light to show it a bit better ) which I'm not sure if it's still on the Graphicus site but if not then Joanna Sheens' site normally has it. I know many people have tried this holographic powder and can't seem to get the hang of it but the trick is not to overheat it - if you do it just goes a gooey creamy colour. There is something in the powder which reacts to the heat - this is how I vary the resulting colours as I keep my heat gun on a low setting and keep it moving.

Below: The main insert behind the vellum has the "Rose Stem" and the greeting. The Rose stem has been stamped in Versafine Onyx black and then using a pencil shaded in an a touch of glitter on the petals, matted on to some black hammered card and edges torn.

The verse is quite sentimental.

Below: No way did I have an envelope for this card ... so out to my scrapbook heavy card stock to make a box for it ! The top panel was stamped and the I masked the corners to mitre the stamp, some more black organza ribbon and then stuck this to the box lid. The box base is in black with some tissue wrapping for the card.

The lady who commissioned this from me was very very happy to say the least !

For me - I just love making them !


Phree said...

Oh my goodness, this is lovely, it must have taken ages to make. I love that rose script stamp, it's one of my favorites, but I never thought of using it in black and white. I think I have seen that EP recently on telly, is it the one they call Kaliedascope? It certainly creates a lovely effect with the changing colours.

Deby said...

That's the one Phree - Kaliedascope . Had to go check to name on the pot.

craftimamma said...

Deby this is so beautiful it gives me goosebumps.

By the way, forgot to say in my last comment I hope your daughter walked away from the car accident unscathed. Cars can be replaced, daughter's can't.

Lesley XX

veronica said...

this is gorgeous, must have taken you ages. Not surprised your lady liked it - it really was a special card

sheffsue said...

Gorgeous...stunnning...truly a work of art.

Sue x

cazzie said...

What a fantastic card, especially liked the idea of the vellum insert covering the verse, would never have thought of it but will use the idea if thats ok. Also liked way you have done the 2 front panels as opposites as I have the tendancy to make everything symetrical. The box looks stunning too.

Jen's crafty bits said...

That is a superb card :) Jenny M xx

Lavender Rose said...

Deby I cannot begin to find the words to describe your stunning card, such beautiful stamping and the card is beautifully crafted inside and out. Do you have any tips please on getting a deep black from the solid part of the rubber image as I am really struggling with that at the minute in spite of trying Versafine Onyx Black and Stazon Black?

Deby said...

Many thanks for all your comments x

Lavender, to be honest I don't like Stazons - and only use them on glass, acetate etc. I know what you mean about solid blacks as sometimes they don't stamp 100% black - but then again that sometimes adds to the effect.

The best answer I can give you there isn't just one answer:

Versafine I have found to be too fine at times for solid stamping so I often use a Brilliance black - the ink seems much thicker and covers well.
Also check your stamp is really clean - even a slight particle on the stamp will leave a halo.

Condition your stamps if they are new - Lynn once mentioned about this but I can't find where it was, here's a page though that does explain it -

Try giving your ink pad a good twist or two on the solid stamp - you'll pull more ink up and out of the pad - some people rub the ink pad over the stamp first then do the tapping to even it out.

Another thing which can affect the resulting impression can be the card stock you are using - some absorb the ink more than others, on this card above I tried a few different blacks on an off cut to see which gave me the best impression and the colour I wanted( not that hammered card is the best of card stock to stamp on ! ).

Just on checking my drawers - I have 12 black ink pads, the main ones being - Versafine, Ancient Page, Colourbox, Brilliance and Archival Ink but they all have different properties depending on what stamp you are using and also what you are stamping on to.

I once sat down and with some regular card stocks that I always use, just played with the different black inks, different stamps and stamped various impressions, this was great as it taught me a few things:
A. Not all black ink is the same colour.
B. Not all black ink has the same opacity / coverage.
C. The card stock or whatever you are stamping on to can affect the resulting colour and impressions.
D. Different stamps - rubber, silicon/clear can affect the resulting impression.
E. The amount of pressure required.

So my advice would be sit and have a mess about with your ink pads - find out their qualities, make a tag ring book of your black inks and write notes about what you find out about them on the back of the tags but most of all have fun doing it x

Hope it helps x
Deby x

Janeyc49 said...

Wow, what a beautiful card. You definitely did add love :) A real work of art !

Janet x

Jenny, said...

This card is absolutely beautiful Deby.
Thank you for the gorgeous free downloads xx

lulunastamps said...

a masterpiece, a work of art - I would have a difficult time parting with it - and if I was the receipient, it would be a treasured keepsake. Absolutely fantastic and I agree with craftimamma...goosebumps!

Craftyideas said...

Gorgeous card and love the rose script stamp