Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New Toy - Alcohol Ink Box

Oooh I've been waiting for this to come so I can start to sort out my huge ink collection once and for all ...

This is the Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink storage case.

And just to show how good I've been today I've part sorted out my ink storage cabinet, grabbed all the alcohol inks that were hidden in the drawers and then finally got around to making the inked coloured tabs and sticking them on to the bottle tops so I can see which colour they are ! Thank you for the great tip there Mr Holtz !

Next on my list is his huge Ink Pad case so I can keep all the Adirondack ink pads together !

Monday, 15 December 2008

Harlequin Rose Part II ( Deux)

Well I finished the Card from one of the stamps from the Harlequin Rose Themeplate ( got more on the way ! ).

Ok so here's where we left off .... The card was at this stage - Tag stamped & coloured, background made.

Now at this point I needed some more colour and opted to go with a Lime green as a contrast to help bring out the foliage. I also needed an embellishment !

Below: Anyone ever make Paper roses when they were little ? Me too .... So with some more tissue paper and the Glimmer Mists from the vintage Lace collection off I went spritzing again with the tissue wet I scrunched it up in to a ball.

Below: Once opened and dried ( takes seconds to dry ) I stamped a few flowers from the Big Flowers themeplate and quickly cut them out. No need to be too precise as they are going to get scrunched up again.

Below: The finished rose ... just a few spots of glue around the flowers, some green papered wire and then just scrunched together.

Below: This was the card at the next stage with some Lime ribbons added but it still needed some more contrast.

Below: Back to the background and some more glimmer misted tissue this time using the Honey Dew mist. I like the tissue as it still allows some of the background to show through. The Love was from the Words of Love themeplate and stamped with Versamark and embossed in the Stamp n Stuff Rose Quartz.

Below: Still not happy with it .......

Below: Tag now offset .......

Round Robin Challenge

Annette Lee from the Elusive Images team came up with a round Robin Challenge.

To be honest I haven't taken any pictures of the other parts I've done but this one made me laugh so I had to photograph it.

My husband after looking at some of my stamps saw the tiny sledge on the Seasons Greetings themeplate and asked if I'd ever used it - No was my reply - so this card part of the Round Robin Challenge ( the third to date ) was based around this teenie weenie sledge !

Apologies about the picture , as it's 10pm at night, I'm still in the office and I have no natural daylight. I'll take some proper ones tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Delicious Autumn

Delicious Autumn.

Well here's another set of Stamps from the Graphicus open day that are just so me !

"Fall Season" by Inkadinkadoo


Card stock was firstly inked up with the Tim Holtz Adirondack Colourwash inks in Butterscotch, Lettuce and a touch of Red Pepper . The main leaf stamp randomly stamped using various tones of browns, reds and greens.


Next came over stamping with the Delicious Autumn stamp: I really enjoy making back-grounds - just a pity that we often cover most of it up with our next layers :-(


The main topper was one piece - again inked up with Tim Holtz Adirondack Colourwash inks in Butterscotch, Cranberry, Red Pepper and Lettuce.

The large scroll leaf stamp was used down the edges and the tree in the centre. Over the Tree I embossed in a mix of Detail Gold and Pewter. The smaller leaf scroll was used at each side, embossed in the Detail gold. Next the whole thing was sliced in 3.


The three sections matted up on to green then gold, then on to the background, which was then mounted on to gold and finally on to a burgundy A5 card.


Card tilted to the light to show the embossing.

I'd also like to say a big Thank You to Lynn who has inspired me to get out all my Adirondack inks again and have an almighty play about with them again - I'd fogotten just how much fun they are !

Lynns' blog can be found on so please go pay a visit x

Harlequin Rose Themeplate

Apologies to all as I haven't blogged much lately ... I'm in the process of moving house and with Christmas coming I'm all in a dizz.

I managed to squeeze in a day trip up to Graphicus for their open day on the 5th and lots of goodies were subsequently purchased. Why is it though when you get home you then wish you had got the other things you'd been umming and arghing over ?

One of my first purchased was the New Harlequin Rose Themeplate which is due for release in January and they are absolutely scrumptious.

Here's a quick peep at what I started making when I returned home :


Main image stamped in Versafine Sepia , the new tags from Graphicus are a semi-gloss and as I have found out they absorb inks differently dependant on which ink type you are using. The Versafine took a little while longer than other inks to thoroughly dry so I had to make sure I didn't smudge it.


The tag was then Glimmer Misted using the Vintage Lace set which gave a lovely soft rose petal effect, some Adirondack Inks to add some rose highlights to the edges and lower corner. The rose was coloured with the Tinkerbella Inks


Now deciding on the background ?? I tried as shown in the first picture but wasn't happy with the style so I then took a piece of tissue paper and stamped the background using one from the Butterfly Whimsy Set in a soft chocolate brown from one of the Colorbox sets. Using Glimmer mists from the Vintage Lace set again I spritzed the tissue completely - picking up the tissue ( very carefully as it can tear ) I just scrunched it all up in to a ball in my hand. Unrolling this ball of tissue was a delicate operation as it became so fragile. Held over my little oil radiator it dried in seconds and the final result can be seen in the second picture.


Close up of the Glimmer misted tissue paper, the effect is a shimmery crackled one.


The card as it stands at present which should be completed in the next couple of days.