Monday, 11 August 2008


Well so much for once a week !

I currently have 1001 things on the go at the moment and never seem to have enough time in a day to concentrate on 1 thing solely !

So pleased as I did my first international order for my Anti Static Bags the other week and they emailed today to say how pleased they are with them - I did offer that if they wanted I would go out and demonstrate them for a week ! ( Anything for a bit of Sun ! )

Our shop is being refurbished at the moment so it's somewhat chaotic there and my poor office never seems to get anymore organised. I've gotten in a terrible habit of stamping, then cleaning my stamps & popping them in a large tray at the side of my work desk. Normally when I've finished I then go and pop them back on the appropriate sheet in their folder. The tray is now full of stamps and I need a good day to sort them all out again.

Thank you to all for the awards ... I'm not normally an awards person but on these occassions I will happily accept them x

Our local Co-Op was selling some chocolates on special offer so I bought a few .. not for the choccies but the containers they were in ... again all will be revealed as soon as I've completed the projects ! Ok so I did eat a few !

I will be back shortly ... hopefully with a card or tag or box !

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