Friday, 29 August 2008

Help ...

I've spent the day really having a well deserved sort out in my office - that is office come craft room ! and I still can't find my special dates list book , you know the ones we have with everyones birthdays, anniversary's etc in.

I'm not doing anything until I find it !

Until tomorrow when I check where the dot matrix printers are stored I'll leave you with some of my pictures from Mexico the other year ... and if you're really lucky you may spot the hubby diving past in one !

Just to say apart from Stamping I have a love for diving and architecture. Mother nature just can't be beaten and I have been honoured to have travelled to some of the most beautiful unspoilt destinations in the world. The camera I use is a special Fuji underwater camera - only problem is the fish won't stay still ! LOL

Wait till you see Cuba ! - stunning !

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craftimamma said...

These photos are absolutely stunning Deby. Can't wait to see the Cuba ones.

Lesley XX