Tuesday, 26 August 2008

All the Best To My Son x My Hero x

I'm not normally one for preaching or moaning on the net or elsewhere, or to get in political agendas about the rights or wrongs of war ..... but I was a tad disappointed when listening to the news the other day , when our Olympic team were returning from China. Yes the GB team have done brilliantly - such great athletes but to hear they had put on the plane heroes ! ???

I have a son in the Army, we are so proud of him , yet despite his tours of Iraq - on his and his platoons return to the UK , there was no well coming party, no commander or any officials to welcome them home - nothing. Even families weren't told when they were due to land so we couldn't even be there to welcome them.
Unfortunately not all come home as they leave and my heartfelt wishes go out to all Mothers, fathers, wives , husbands and families of those who have lost loved ones in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These men & women are our heroes - though mostly unsung and un-noticed.

I spent this evening chatting with my son ( far left in the picture below ) as he flies out to Canada on exercise for the next 3 months - he's been given instructions by me to please try to photograph some of the stunning scenery out there !

This is him trying out his new Officers mess dress ... very smart ! very embarrassing !!!


Sant said...

I do agree with you Deby and I think you are right to comment on it. You should be so proud of your son. He looks very smart as well.

craftimamma said...

I do so agree with you Deby. We do tend to get our priorities wrong here sometimes (a lot of the time?).

You have every right to be proud of your lovely son.


Anonymous said...

The idealistic side of me just longs for there to be no need for armies, but the pragmatist knows that as long as there are nations, there will be a need for people to defend what those nations stand for. People in the armed forces fall into the same category for me as nurses, firefighters, carers and a whole host of other professions that serve the community in some way. I have the utmost respect and admiration for them and you are obviously very proud of your son, and rightly so. I hope he enjoys his time in Canada, and yes, pack him off with a good camera!

Phree said...

Deby I totally understand where you are coming from. So often the real heros in this life go unrecognised.

If I may add to Glenda's adivce tho, send your son off with an empty suitcase also and instructions to fill it with crafty stash to bring home - Canadian prices are much cheaper :D

Deby said...

Oh yes ... Lucky Charms cereals were first on the list , followed by photographs ! ... he definately put his foot down on craft shops !

Unfortunately the Army doesn't supply suitcases but they do have a wonderful BFPO ;-)