Sunday, 20 July 2008

Glenda's Christmas Challenge

So Glenda's challenge:
The Challenge: The theme (unsurprisingly) is Christmas
The Rules: Make a card, ATC, or other item featuring Elusive Images stamps in some way.

I opted for " The other item " Hmmnn .... something a little bit different - Stamping on to glass ...

There's something about the soft glows of tea-lights and when combined with Christmas what more could you ask for. So taking something so simple as a cheap old plain glass tumbler ... I turned it in to an embossed glowing Holly Flourish tea-light holder.

So how to:

First the glass tumbler, I just grabbed an old one out of the cupboard, washed and cleaned it and dried thoroughly. Now glass will attract fingerprints static etc - which when combined with embossing do not mix well so use an Anti Static bag - not only on the glass but also coat your fingers !

I used for the main glass the large panel from the Christmas Flourish themeplate with Versamark, to stamp your glass use the stamp on a flat worktop and then roll the glass over the stamp, my glass was slightly angled so I had to start on a slight angle. Check the stamped image - Don't worry if it's not right you can wash it off and try again. TIPS: If you've never stamped on glass before try it with a coloured inkpad first so you can see the image as you are working and adjust your method to get the best imprint. Any practice runs can be washed off.

Embossing: I used a detailed Gold embossing powder and twin speed heat gun on the lower setting, if you only have a single speed heat gun then don't hold the gun as close to the glass.

When the embossing was done I added some red gems for the holly berries and trimmed the glass with some wired ribbon - NOTE: the ribbon I used is wire based.

For the flourish I took another stamp from the Christmas Flourish themeplate with the filigree swirls, after stamping and embossing I cut out the holly leaves and then made some filigrees with some 18 gauge wire in gold, red and green. The wire filigrees were stuck to a holding block and then the holly leaves stuck over the front. A little glitter for the berries to add a little more twinkle and then the holly flourish was stuck to the lower front ribbon.

Please click any of the photos below to enlarge.

Picture 1. I've tried to show the tea-light holder lit in a darkened room but my camera doesn't seem to like that kind of photo so the real effect unfortunately doesn't show up.

Picture 2. Switched lights back on to show the imagery.

Picture 3. After embossing, ribbons & gems - but before adding holly & filigree.


Jo said...

I've really missed your blogs. This tea light holder is just gorgeous. Not seen anything like it before. What a fantastic and original idea. Looking forward to your regular postings now. Should help me avoid crafter's block now I've some free time coming up.

Glenda Waterworth said...

That is stunning. Thank you for doing something different, this is just lovely.

And I agree with Jo, it's great to see you blogging again.

Deby said...

Thank you Jo & Glenda ... my hubbie loved it, we sat in front our our real fire and only had the candle for light - very romantic !

Phree said...

Wow this is amazing, I never would have imagined you could heat emboss on to glass like that! Love your creation, it's gorgeous and now I know it can be done I may try making something like that for my own home at Christmas. Thanks for explainng the "how to" so clearly.

Deby said...

Thank you Phree :-)

Glass is made in furnaces so can take heat but just be safe - don't use glass that is cracked or chipped and be carefull when handling it after embossing as it can get quite warm.
With items like tumblers it's easier after applying the embossing powder to stand the glass up on some card and then emboss it upright but turn the glass by turning the card - this way you won't be touching the glass. Just remember to allow the glass to cool naturally.

Happy stamping :-)

Anonymous said...

I've missed your blogs too Deby but have to say this one was worth waiting for. Absolutely gorgeous and unique


Deby said...

Lesley ... Missed you too.

Don't forget to grab some of my FREEBIES that will be cropping up on the Blog ... plus some great new Tips to come too !!!

Use the email me link on my Home page top right box ... I've got something for you !

Deby x