Sunday, 27 January 2008

Saturday - Clean Up Day - Organise Day !

Ok so before I do any more crafting I really had to sort my office come craftroom out. So last night ( Fri ) off I went to Ikea for some more of their wooden storage box units, now the last time I got these they used to be ready made - not so any more. Funny but the idea of knocking up 20 odd boxes was only enlightened by the fact that I might be able to find things again !

Armed with hammer, nails and woodglue I managed to knock up this one - only another 21 drawers to do !!!!

Don't worry - the drawers won't stay blank for long ... I haven't decided whether to stamp them or paint a mural theme Hmmmnnn

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Linda B said...

I am loving everything on your blog, I am doing my best not to drool on my keyboard.

I also bought these wooden boxes...8 infact, I love them and they look so nice decorated