Sunday, 27 January 2008

Organise Day Part 2 -

As I've mentioned previously I do have the odd tendancy to go off on tangents - so in between knocking up my storage boxes I thought I would unmount some of my previously wooden mounted stamps, re mount them onto EZ mount and to also make A4 indexing file mounts for them.

TIPS: To get stamps off their mounts I pop them in my microwave for 10 seconds and test to see if they have loosened, if not pop them back in for another 5 seconds or you can try soaking them in hot water.

Cautionary note: EZ mount have issued a warning not to store EZmounted stamps on acetate as it can cause a chemical reaction and permanantly bond to your stamps. Laminated sheets are fine as they are PVC based.

Above stamps on their original mounts.

Stamps now de-mounted and EZ mounted. To make your index sheet you can either stamp each image or place your wooden mounts on to a photocopier or scanner . Try to use card for this as it will add to the overall strength and Remember to label your index sheet.

Place sheet in an A4 laminating pouch, if you used paper for your index sheet also slip a sheet of card under for extra strength and then run through your laminator, hot is best.

If you have clear stamps on an acetate index sheet and wish to make an A4 index filling sheet - you must put a sheet of card under the Acetate sheet before laminating or else it will buckle with the heat.

When punching your new index sheet, try to use a 4 hole system , 4 ring binders are easily available and come in sizes up to 90mm deep ( plenty of room for lots of index sheets ).
4 Ring binders will stabalise the index sheet and minimise the card from bending, this isn't so much a problem with clear polymer stamps but the weight of rubber stamps will allow a 2 hole system index sheet to bend.

For easy reference you can punch and file together any instruction / inspiration / idea sheets that go with your stamps.

You could use different colour binders for different stamp types for easy identification but if like me you have too many stamps then maybe an outer index on the spine would be better !

Ok so back to my storage box making !

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