Thursday, 10 January 2008

1am in the morning and I'm still drawing !

Just finishing a design on the PC and came across a few of my daughters jewellery designs so thought I'd pop them on for you all to see. She makes everything from earrings to charms, a lot of her beads are hand made, if you look closely you will see the mandrels in the centres. Where ever I go in the world I always try to bring her some beads and shells back with me and I was so pleased to see some beads from Cuba in the Dark coloured charm.
She was asked by a local craft store if she could give some lessons on jewellery making but unfortunately with her new Salon only opening October last year she hasn't much time. To say she's only 19 she's done so well and we're really proud of her.

Hope you like the pictures. Just click them to enlarge.

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