Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Relieved yet LIVID

To follow on from one of my earlier posts - re how I just seem to be catching up and fate steps in again .... I don't normally put personal things up on here but this is one time I am also using this as a plea for information.

A week last Thursday I got one of those calls on the mobile .. funny how you know it's going to be bad news before you even answer it !

Hello is that Mrs .... it's West Yorkshire ambulance your daughters been in a car accident do you want to meet us at the hospital ? NO where are you I'm coming NOW .... 5 mins later I'm on the scene .... extremely RELIEVED that my daughter and friend although cut and bruised are in one piece. Even the police were amazed they weren't attending a fatality.

Now comes the LIVID part ... the person that caused this had driven off, despite all the witnesses but with all the carnage - no-one had taken their number plate.

My plea to anyone in the Morley area of West Yorkshire who may just stumble across this post is ... If you have seen a Blue Ford Ka - colour coded bumpers with a damaged front passenger bumber/side please get in touch with myself or the Holbeck Traffic division. This person caused the accident then drove off after seeing my daughters car flip over and didn't stop to consider if they were dead or alive.

Also a huge Thank You to all those who helped the girls, I wish I knew who the lady was who wrapped her towels around their cuts, I will hopefully find you.


judith@poppy cottage said...

My daughter was involved in a car accident when she was seventeen, the day before her driving test (she wasn't driving), it is so scary as a parent. She too only had cuts and bruises. Glad for you and her that she came out okay, I know completely what it feels like. For us too, the other driver drove off, Judith x

craftimamma said...

OMG Deby, thank goodness your daughter and her friend are ok.

What I think about the driver who caused the accident is NOT printable.

Hope the two girls are not too upset. Cars can be replaced, they can't!

Lesley Xx

Laura said...

You poor thing. There is nothing worse than loved ones being hurt. It unsettles you so much and highlights how fragile life is. So pleased your daughter and her friend were not more hurt. You certainly home in on what is most important in life.
Love the look of your distress masterclass.

Deby said...

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me.

Semi-Good News the Police believe have found the car - that's all they've basically told us ?*!?/??

I just feel for my daughter, she was only 3rdPF&T so nothing is covered unless we can get the driver responsible and that's if they even have insurance.

So me and my husband have decided to sell our archery equipment to boost her car fund ( did I ever mention I used to do archery ? ) , we don't do the sport much nowadays for one thing we don't seem to get the weather for it and our bows etc were sat in boxes waiting to be played with month in , month out.

Funny how you get reminiscent when opening old boxes up. Ah well at least I won't be a danger to public safety anymore !!!! and I can look back at my Xena warrior days with a smile on my face !