Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I'm Back .....

Well what a whirlwind since the New Year ... By the way if I haven't had chance to say it to you ... Happy New Year !!!

OK so what's been happening ???

Well Egypt was unbelievable .... just a few pics below to show some of the AMAZING sea life and scenery ... now I have been good and only put a few of my favourites on here but to be honest there is so many I'm going to have to do a separate blog for the bulk of my photos.

Upon returning from Egypt on the 25th we were then given 5 days notice that our house move was being brought forward from mid Feb to the 30th Jan .. so a mad rush then ensued to pack everything we have accumulated over 17 years in our beloved home. Lots of boxes still to unpack and a new dedicated craft room to design and I may then be back to a bit of normality !

I've alot happening during 2009 ... I'm so excited about it but more about that when the time is ready !

In the pics below you'll notice I took my copy of Craft Stamper with me, I was very good as I got it the day before we flew out and even though I was severely tempted to peek through it, I quickly packed it at the bottom of my suitcase. Whenever I wasn't diving you'd find me on the sun lounger reading avidly ! Hey I wonder if we could start a 'Where do you read yours ?'

Anyhow on to some of my photos of Egypt and the Red sea ..... If you find you are missing any pictures then try refreshing the page ( my server seems a tad slow tonight ! )

Below: Take one stunning region - Sinai Mountains, Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea

Below: Sinai Mountains

Below: Add one Beach by Day

Below: Or by Dusk

Below: Or by Night

Below: Add a Craft Stamper magazine

And you have a perfect fantastic holiday .... but to make this a colourful holiday we need these .........

Now if these don't get those creative juices flowing ..........

Below: Giant Clams - these are almost 50cm wide each one

Below: Free Diving - Yet unidentified rare male species ... Ok it's my other half !

Below: Even the flora didn't go unnoticed .....

Well as they say in the cartoons ... That's all folks ....

Only for now .... back soon xxxx


craftimamma said...

Only one exclamation to everything in this post Deby ..........WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesley Xx

veronica said...

gorgeous photos Deby - Lesley's right!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

ooooooooooooooooooooo what inspirational colours and textures in those photos. Amazing, what an experience.

Sant said...

Fantastic photo's. Especially the under water ones. The colours are so vivid, what lovely memories you will have.


WendyK said...

Fabulous pictures, and wonderful colours, thanks for sharing