Monday, 15 December 2008

Round Robin Challenge

Annette Lee from the Elusive Images team came up with a round Robin Challenge.

To be honest I haven't taken any pictures of the other parts I've done but this one made me laugh so I had to photograph it.

My husband after looking at some of my stamps saw the tiny sledge on the Seasons Greetings themeplate and asked if I'd ever used it - No was my reply - so this card part of the Round Robin Challenge ( the third to date ) was based around this teenie weenie sledge !

Apologies about the picture , as it's 10pm at night, I'm still in the office and I have no natural daylight. I'll take some proper ones tomorrow.


InkyArtitude said...

Simple.... yet stunning! Lovely colours that give great impact - a fab card!

Phree said...

Wow that's gorgeous - all that from just one tiny sledge!

Anne said...

What a stunning card - lovely!