Friday, 13 March 2009

Ink Racks / Craft Racks are here ...........

Well I have nattered my other half to the bone - poor lad must be sick of me and ink pads by now and I think I am officially banned from our workshops as I seem to have put their normal production schedule in backwards motion !

These are what the ink pad racks are going to be like and for the small size of them ( only 8cm deep so won't clog anyones desk up or they can be hung on the wall ) - they will hold loads !!! Each single shelf will hold either 4 full sized ink pads double stacked, 6 distress ink pads double stacked, Adirondacks 4 full sized ink pads double stacked, yes even when the ink pads are double stacked you can slide each one out with ease .... I think the pictures will show just how much you can fit on these and not just for ink pads as the shelves are removable so other items can be stored. I've even sourced the right sized labels for inking and popping on the ink pads for ID.

Single: 12 shelves

Will hold a minimum of 48 ink pads - plus space for re-inkers / pens etc
Width 31cm , H 56cm , D 8cm

Double: 24 shelves

Will hold a minimum of 96 ink pads - plus space for re-inkers / pens etc
Width 56cm , H 56cm , D 8cm

Triple: 36 shelves

Will hold a minimum of 144 ink pads - plus space for re-inkers / pens etc
Width 81cm , H 56cm , D 8cm

So if anyones interested just let me know as they are going to be on sale shortly.


Phree said...

OMG Deby, I so need one of these - preferrably the triple shelf version but I doubt if I can stretch my budget for one right now. Maybe in a couple of months as an Anniversary pressy.

loftylass said...

Hi Deby. I think this is a fantastic idea - and could turn out to be a money spinner for you -you know we crafters like all the bells and whistles!! I would be very interested to learn the price...I'm off to fetch my hubby to see if we can fit them into my limited space....
Bye for now

Anonymous said...

I am really interested - these look WONDERFUL - oh my gosh I need at least 2!

beverley said...

what great storage! I am interested. i would like to know price + cost of p + p

Sant said...

I love the idea, I would definately need the triple one! Interested to know cost?


judith smith said...

Definitely interested Deby, likewise, would need to know price and p+p for the medium or large one. Maybe where you are based to save on p+p? Judith x