Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Backgrounds using Glimmer Mists and Inks

Now I'm back in the office I'll start again !

Below is a card I'm making for a friend, the background was colour washed over with the Tinkerbella Ink in the Rich Violet colour, then randomly stamped using the filigree swirls from the Damask Hearts themeplate, ( now if you enlarge the picture those eagle eyed amongst you will also notice the smaller versions of these - they were in the December Guilds members offer stamps ) in a deeper violet. The background for both toppers was made with the Glimmer Mists - Pink Bubblegum and also an odd splodge of the Rich Violet. Again I normally do a whole A4 sheet then I can choose what bits I want to use - the spare gets popped in my backing box.
The top left is from the Delightful Damask themeplate, the bottom from the Damask Hearts and the edging around the bottom one was also from the Decembers Guild offer. I purposely didn't want a full on black , more of a worn effect , so after inking up the stamp I gently prestamped on a spare piece of card just to take some excess ink off. I haven't finished the card as I just wanted to show you the effect of making your own backings, the top right image is a piece of Stampbord , coloured using the glimmer mists to match, overstamped with a green then stamped again with the mini Filigree and a little scratching to highlight areas, I still have a couple more to do to finish the card.
Ok so scroll down to see the great backing papers that I started this about ............. Please remember you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Making your own backgrounds is so much fun, I could spend hours doing this, I tend to sit and play around with my colours. All the backgrounds below were made using the Glimmer Mists Spring Fever set and Tinkerbella inks. I've tried where possible to show alternative views as the colours will change as you move the papers around. All my papers are either A4 or A5 size. As a note - although I call them papers most of my backings are done on card around 200gsm.

Glimmer Mists - Lemon Zest and Rum Raisin, with a final spritz of Irridescent gold.

Below .... Glimmer Mists - Denim Blue and Honey Dew Mist and a splash of Irridescent Gold. This particular backing is to be used with my Peacock stamps from Graphicus

Below .... Glimmer Mists - Denim Blue, Irridscent Gold and Tinkerbella Inks Sky Blue & Teal

This A5 below was what was made from the excess ink and overspray from the above paper, the texture comes from the corrugated board that was below the paper.

This next one is so easy to make , and gives an A4 sheet full of wonderful colour. Just fold an A4 sheet in half, blot - splodge - splatter whatever colours you like on one half and simply fold the card over and rub to mirror the image on the other side, touch up any places as required. Glimmer Mists used - Golden Terracotta and Lemon Zest with a little spray of rum raisin around the edges.

Glimmer Mists - Pink Bubblegum and Rum raisin - just using a spray and holding and turning the card to let it flow naturally.

Now the next couple are for some cards I'm making for a friend, and yes the colour really is a Lime Greeny Yellow ! Using Glimmer Mists - Lemon Zest and also some Tinkerbella Ink Sunshine Glow kit. As this is part for a project I've already stamped one section in white and clear embossed it before making the background. Middle section has had some of the leaves touched in - using the Tinkerbella ink. As mentioned - the colours change so beautifully as you turn the page around. The lower picture was made the same way but with a few strokes of Tinkerbella Teal.

These are for the same lady - to go with the above , this time the papers were made with the Tinkerbella inks , the Rich Violet and the Teal ( mixed with some Glimmer Mist Pearl Glimmer ) I have made the A4 sheet sectional as I'm going to be using it in various ways. The top section is a nice grungy texture - criss crossy brush strokes blending into a soft Turquoise. The next sections are much deeper as some of them will be overlayed with a vellum as shown in the pictures which will soften the colour back down.

Ok - back to my favorite colours - I just love these rich warm Russet tones - all again made with the Glimmer Mists and Inks

Well that's just a few of my backings - I hope I've managed to show just what wonderful effects can be gained from just a few simple items and it really doesn't take long.


Jo said...

What luscious backgrounds! They are a really compelling advert for Glimmer Mists. I saw Linda Brown demonstrating them at Ally Pally last year. Very nice! I'm tempted...but hanging on to my money for Glenda's Wild Meadow and Peacock Ladies stamps first. Then again...maybe I'll go back and have another look at the set you recommended for starters.

Anonymous said...

Ab Fab backgrounds Deby.

I'm getting as bad with your blog as I am with Glenda's. I check both nearly every day.

I wish I wasn't such a computer dumbo then I could perhaps get some of my bits and pieces out there for viewing, although I don't think they're quite up to your standard.

Anyway, the backing papers are gorgeous and I'm sure your friends will be delighted with your cards.

Lesley XX

Deby said...

Hi Lesley,

I wish I had more time to craft at the moment but work is so hectic, I have a new website to design and build amongst other things :-(

I'll pop more on as and when I can though xx

Glenda Waterworth said...

Hi Deby

beautiful backgrounds and I love the way you've mixed the Guild special stamps with the larger version - I never thought of that, d'oh!

I completely agree, I could sit and make backgrounds all day. In fact I teach a backgrounds class where we do just that!

Lavender Rose said...

Debbie your backgrounds are just stunning!!!! If you check out today's post on my blog you may just get a pleasant surprise!

Anonymous said...

Have missed your blog, no entries for too long, I hope all is well.

Deby said...

I'll be back very very shortly !

Lots of new stuff and ways with not only Glimmer Mists but distress kits amd also how to make your own glimmer kits !